HSC 254.156 Disclosure

HSC 254.156 Disclosure Sec. 254.156

This establishment applies fees for “medical treatment,” comprising:

(A) Facility Fee Details: (1) Median facility fee. (ii) Range of potential facility fees. (iii) Facility fees corresponding to each level of care provided.

(B) Declaration of Observation Fee: (1) Median observation fee. (ii) Range of possible observation fees. (iii) Observation fees for each level of care provided.

(e) Only the information stipulated in Subsection (d) may be incorporated into the mandatory disclosure statement, excluding any additional data. The facility must update this statement annually.

(f) Despite a patient’s refusal or inability to sign the disclosure statement, the facility must furnish a physical copy to the patient and record the patient’s failure to sign in their file.

(g) The facility must maintain a copy of the signed disclosure statement provided under this section until the first anniversary of the signing date.

(h) No notice is required under this section if, before administering emergency healthcare services, the facility determines the patient will not be billed for said services.

(i) Compliance with Subsections (a)(1) and (d)(3) is achieved if the facility posts its standard charges, including the specified fees, on its website in a manner that is easily accessible and readable, updating them annually or as necessary to reflect current charges.

(j) The failure to obtain the required signed disclosure statement from the patient or their representative may not influence the adjudication of liability for healthcare services provided by the facility.

This section was added by Acts 2019, 86th Leg., R.S., Ch. 1093 (H.B. 2041), Sec. 6, effective September 1, 2019.