Letter of Protection

What Is A Letter Of Protection

Letter of Protection (LOP) from a law office is a legal document that assures medical providers that they will be paid for their services from any potential settlement or verdict in a personal injury case. It allows individuals to receive necessary medical treatment without upfront payment, with the understanding that the medical expenses will be covered once the case is resolved. At Coppell ER, we accept Letters of Protection (LOP) from law offices. Our aim is to provide hassle-free care to individuals who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents. Our top priority is the well-being of the individual. By accepting LOPs, we offer services to clients of personal injury law firms, ensuring they can be promptly seen and receive treatment for their injuries.

Letter of Protection

At Coppell ER, we collaborate with personal injury law firms across the Dallas and Fort Worth region. Our priority is always the health of the patient. A Letter of Protection (LOP) provides a hassle-free means of accessing emergency room services. Unlike many other emergency rooms, we gladly accept LOPs, prioritizing the health of personal injury clients above all else. During times of stress and financial uncertainty, Coppell ER stands as the premier choice for care.

How LOP Works

A Letter of Protection (LOP) serves as a vital agreement between attorney offices and emergency rooms, facilitating access to medical care for individuals involved in personal injury cases. Here’s how it works:

When a client sustains injuries in an accident and requires immediate medical attention, their attorney can issue an LOP to an emergency room. This document assures the emergency room that payment for medical services will be made from any settlement or verdict obtained in the client’s personal injury case.

With the LOP in place, the emergency room can provide necessary medical treatment to the client without requiring upfront payment. This enables individuals to receive prompt care, even if they are facing financial challenges.

Once the personal injury case is resolved, the attorney ensures that the medical expenses covered under the LOP are paid directly to the emergency room from any compensation obtained on behalf of the client.

In essence, a Letter of Protection establishes a cooperative agreement between the attorney office and the emergency room, ensuring that injured individuals

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