We accept all kind of ER Insurance plans. Everyone is welcomed at COPPELL ER. Our In-House Billing team will work with your insurance and bill them for the Emergency Medical Services provided to you.

We don't accept Medicare, Medicaid or Tri-Care.

If you have any question regarding your insurance, feel free to visit our Facility or give us a Call we would be more than happy to help you!

What Sets Coppell ER Apart From Hospital ER

Minimal or Not Wait Time

No Surprise Billing

State-Of-The-Art Emergency Room In Coppell, Tx

Conveniently located in the heart of Coppell, TX, with easy access. As soon as you walk into our Emergency Room you will feel the difference. Our Emergency Room combines Services Provided by that of an Hospital Emergency Department with a touch of Aesthetics & Conveniences of a High-End Private Practice. 

Our highly trained, in-house billing team and No Surprise or Balance Billing Policy ensure that there is no financial burden on our patients. 

Medical staff at Coppell Emergency Room providing top-tier emergency services in Coppell, TX, with immediate attention and transparent billing.
Our Mission Compassion With Integrity
Greeted With Smile

Registered instantly, without any wait time, taken back to the Exam Room

Promptly Attended

By A Physician & Nurse Triaged & Work Orders Placed

Tests & Scans

Results Received Promptly For Swift Assessment & Diagnosis

Diagnosis Of The Illness

Immediate Treatment Administered, Condition better & Discharged

Frequenty Asked Questions
The emergency room is dedicated to severe, life-threatening conditions and operates round-the-clock. Urgent care, on the other hand, caters to non-life-threatening concerns and generally extends its hours to accommodate minor illnesses and injuries.
It’s advisable to go to the ER if you experience severe or life-threatening medical issues like chest pain, significant injuries, breathing difficulties, seizures, severe allergic reactions, or any condition necessitating immediate attention.
Bringing Identification Card (ID), Insurance Card, a list of medications, and relevant medical history is beneficial. Nevertheless, be assured that you’ll receive care in the ER even if you can’t provide these documents

In the case of pediatric emergencies, please proceed directly to the ER. Our facility is equipped with specialized pediatric care and a skilled team experienced in addressing children’s medical requirements.

  •   Went in for some needed X-rays. This place is awesome. Waiting area had an inviting feel to it. Comfortable couches and refreshments were provided.

    Wait was short, staff was excellent, and were professional at what they do. And nice. I do not hesitate to recommend this place. Go in with confidence.

    thumb Ray F.
  •   I had to go in today for severe shoulder pain. There was no wait; and the nurse took me back before I even filled out the paperwork. I was pleased that they accepted my insurance. They took X-rays and diagnosed me with tendinitis, sent me on with prescriptions to take to my pharmacy; and provided referrals for orthopedic surgeons if I'm not better in about a week. Dr. Cain and staff were friendly, efficient and helpful!

    thumb LeeAnne W.
ER Expert Advice

ER Expert Advice” offers valuable insights and practical tips from seasoned emergency room professionals. This section is your go-to resource for expert opinions on handling medical emergencies, knowing when to visit the ER, and implementing preventive health measures.

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